The Gaming Maple is a 3D game console created by Vermont GameWare. It is a 64-bit CD based console. VTGW does say that this is a minor modern game console and is not meant to compete with Nintendo's Wii, Microsoft's Xbox 360, and Sony's Playstation 3(Though it is in multiple ways) and they also mention the console is based on the V-Tech's V-Flash and Sega's Dreamcast. The console uses a USB Drive called a Transferable Data Drive to save game data and other content onto it. Like the PS3 and Xbox, it has a user-data base for saving player data and for online-play that can also be customized. The console also has a not-included Wifi-Drive that connects the console to the internet, for online games. The TTD can connect to a computer and then can put photos, music, and even downloadable games from the GamingMapleShop into the USB and use them on the console. The console can use up to 4 Controllers at a time for 4 Player games.

Launch TitlesEdit



  • Regular Controller- A standard game controller. Analog Stick, 4 Main Buttons, 2 Shoulder Buttons, and Start, Select, and Home buttons.
  • One-Press- A larger controller for kids and elders. Joystick, One Main Button, and Start button.
  • LaserGun- A gun controller. Motion Sensor, Trigger, Analog Stick, 2 Main Buttons, Reload Pedal, and Start and Home buttons.
  • Keyboard and Mouse- Used for Web browsing and typing games. 64-keys, and a track-ball mouse with 2 buttons.

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