Hair-Rasing Misadventures if a Dog is an Point&Click Action game for the Gaming Maple. While the Gaming Maple other 2 launch titles were given E-ratings, this game was given a M-rating due to it being targeted to adults and not to families like Maxwell and the Web Browser. The game stars Dave "Beer" Hunt, an anthoromophic White Lab detective who has been assigned to solve some of the most wierdest, insane mysteries in his and anyone else's lifetime.


The main game is a Point and Click combined with Platforming. The player controls Beer through location to location on search for items, then using that item at a certain location will help the player progress through. Moving Beer around is simple. Clicking on an enemy will make Beer fight it, either with his fists or with whatever weapon the player has assigned as the combat item from the menu. Clicking on an jumpable gap will make Beer leap it, click on an unjumpable one will make Beer fall down it.

Multiplayer is a third-person shooter game similar to Battle Bears Royale. Up to Four players locally (or up to 8 online) battle out in teams of four (If there is less than 8 player locally or online, computers join in) in the three game modes;

  • DeathMatch: Teams kill one another until time runs out, which ever team killed the most wins.
  • Capture the Flag: Players must take the flag from the opposite team's base to their team's base to win.
  • Plant the Bomb: Players must drop as many bombs into the opposite team's cute with in the time limit, which ever team planted the most bombs wins.

What it usesEdit

Regular Controllers- up to 4

LaserGun- Up to 4 in multiplayer only


Wifi Connector

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