Kitten Rescue is a 3D platformer for the Gaming Maple by Vermont GameWare. Vermont GameWare made this game to introduce Senior Citizens and young Children into video games with its simple controls and calm-paced, relaxing gameplay. The game stars a stray cat named TimTom who has to search and rescue other stray cats from the MigrateClaws clan before a group of Stray Catchers get them first.


Much like Crash Bandicoot, players move TimTom down a path through the level to get through. There are 20 levels across 5 areas. Enemies are not fought in these levels but there are rolling rocks, water, gaps, and other obsticals to avoid. Players can take 10 hits before they go out for a few seconds, then one of their CatNip Fish goes away and they start right where they were knocked-out. (You get 2 at the start and can have up to 6, get one for every 50 Herbs collected.) If the player is knock-out with no CatNip Fish left, they return to the nearest checkpoint touched instead of where they lost their health or back at the begining. Each level has 5 cats to find, 3 on the main path and 2 in other paths , there for making 100 cats to find. The end of each level has a scanning radar with a shut-down button, which pressed clears the level. After clearing all 4 levels of a world, they go to a capture-bot stage. Capture-Bot stages have the player avoid a robot's moves on trying to catch the player and press all the buttons in the level to shut down the robot, unlocking the next area.


TimTom goes to meet the leader of his clan who tells him that the other cats are lost and asks TimTom to find him. Meanwhile, Local Stray Catcher find out about the stray cats around the town and search for them.

What it usesEdit

Regular Controller- Up to 1

One-Press Controller- Up to 1 (the game comes with this)

Transferable Data Drive

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