Kitten Rescue 2: On The Go! is a 2D platformer for the Tiny Syrup. It is the sequel to Kitten Rescue on the Gaming Maple and the first in the series to go portable. The game is a normal-pace game than the original game which was slow-pace making more like most kids games out there.


TimTom was relaxing in a tree when he saw 8 wolves lurking around, they attack the other cats and chased them away which left TimTom to find them. This game unlike the other game features several endings depending on how many of the games 96 cats where found;

  • 0 Cats: TimTom realizes he did find any cats, gets worried, and runs off to find them.
  • 1-32 Cats: TimTom lays back on a tree brance and a little kitten calls to him and asks where the rest are, then TimTom jumps down and looks around.
  • 31-95 Cats: TimTom is playing with some of the other Kittens, then is informed of other cats missing, then runs off to look for them
  • 96 Cats: The Cats dance to the main theme and afterwards TimTom comes up to the screen and winks at the player.

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