Maxwell The Golden Lab is a 3D Platformer for the Gaming Maple console created by Vermont GameWare. It stars Maxwell, VTGW's mascot, who has to stop Glabdoom's plans to pollouting all of Peacemont Island.


The game is like Banjo-Kazzoie, the player controls Maxwell through the games 18 main levels across 6 areas in search of Power Cubes, which are used to power-up machines in the Tech Room from the main hub. Maxwell's main attack is a jump on enemies, though there is a missle power-up that let's Maxwell fire missles for seven seconds. Each level has 6 Power Cubes and one Ultra Gem. Collecting all three Ultra Gems opens the Boss Gate in the Tech Room, where they player fights a boss to open the next area. Power Cubes open up Machines that let the player play Mini-Games, for every 3 Power Cubes.


  • Quite Mountain (Tutorial)
  • Center Cloud (Hub)
  • Final Boss: Strong Glabdoom

Main LevelsEdit

Forest- EasyEdit

  • Tree Town
  • LeafWood Tops
  • Silent River
  • Boss: Owl Overlord

Ocean- EasyEdit

  • Crabby Beach
  • Bubini Bottom
  • Shark Show
  • Boss: Super Squid

SnowMounts- NormalEdit

  • Giant Climb Side
  • Slippy Iceslide
  • Avalance Alley
  • Boss: Freeze King

Volcano- HardEdit

  • Burning Bay
  • Fire Tunnels
  • Heat-up House
  • Boss: TikiBurn

TempleVillage- NormalEdit

  • Amuz Town
  • Trial Tracks
  • Deadly Tomb
  • Boss: Mumboss

BlobDomain- NormalEdit

  • Gooey Lagoon
  • Slibie Graveyard
  • Glabdoom's Castle
  • Boss: Glabdoom


  • Squishling Stomping- 1P
  • Rock Pinball Royale- 4P
  • BaseBall Pong- 2P
  • Missle Targets- 2P
  • Smashing Time!- 1P
  • Dubladling Race- 4P
  • Swiming Vs.- 2P
  • Crab Cake- 1P
  • Hook Up Fish- 4P
  • SubBlast- 1P
  • Shark Chase!- 4P
  • Snail Shell- 2P

Rest revealed soon!

What it can useEdit

  • Regular Controller- Up to 4
  • Transferable Disk Drive

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