Maxwell 2: Critter Mayhem is a 3D platformer for the Gaming Maple by Vermont GameWare. It is the sequel to Maxwell: The Golden Lab, a launch title for the Gaming Maple. The game introduces Maxwell's new friend Shadow Buddy who is his shdaow/ partner. Maxwell and Shadow Buddy discover a lost island of a forgotten but surviving species of CritterClawers, and must help them fight off an envolving army of Lavamites.


As like the original game, Maxwell goes around the areas of the game in search for Power Cubes. Power Cubes however are now used to unlock more areas of the game instead of Mini-Games, giving them a larger purpose. Maxwell can now pick up missles as ammo for his rocket launcher, and now has a head-butt attack to damage enemies. A second player can join in as Shadow Buddy, who can lift up Maxwell and throw him to places he can't reach alone, run faster, and double jump.



  • CritterClawer Village- Tutorial Level
  • Traveler Sanctuary- Hub
  • King Lavamite Lord- Final Boss Area


  • Banana Craze Paths- Easy
  • Monkey Beeswax Cave- Easy
  • Apesplit Cliff- Normal
  • Pounding Kong- Boss


  • Crabby Cove- Normal
  • Dolphin Daze Bay- Easy
  • Treasure Ocean- Normal
  • Octoboss- Boss


  • Frezzer Burn Tunnels- Normal
  • Cold Crazy Cave- Hard
  • Mad Mine- Normal
  • Bigo Batling- Boss


  • Heat-Up Hollow- Hard
  • LavaMite Town- Normal
  • MineCarft Mines- Hard
  • Mr. LavaMite Man- Boss

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