Maxwell Bounce House is a 2D Platformer for the Tiny Syrup. It has Maxwell traveling through a Gigantic Bounce Park created just for teens. The idea of the theme was inspired from an episode of Phineas and Ferb in which the title characters make a floating bounce house for older children.


Players bounce Maxwell through the hub to get to a passage to a certain area of the park. Then the player heads into one of the 2 doors to play one of the world's levels. Completing both levels opens the boss room where a boss is fought. Defeating that boss opens another area of the park to explore.


Up to 4 players can play cooperative or competitive through any of the games 12 levels and 6 bosses.


There are 6 worlds in the game, they are;

  • ShrubFuns: A forest themed world
  • EverAfterSky: A fairy-tale themed world
  • HollyBoom: A movie themed world
  • DrySunLand: A desert themed world
  • RetroThrowback: An 8-bit themed world
  • TerrorAdventure: A horror themed world

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