Maxwell Pinball Puzzle is a Pinball-based puzzle game for the DataDriveGames collection costing at 50 Drive Points ($5). It is one of the first DataDriveGames along with Penguin Crayfish Dive and Hoop Tossing. It features maxwell as the pinball who the player must launch to the goal using the surroundings as a pinball machine.


Glabdoom created an amusment park designed like a pinball machine. The place really is a prision full of traps. Maxwell travels inside to stop Glabdoom's plot of imprisoning all the people of Peacemont.


The game plays like a pinball game with physics puzzle gameplay. The player uses the A & Z buttons (Shoulder Buttons) to use the flippers to knock Maxwell around. Canons located in the levels are used to fire Maxwell using the Analog Stick to rotate the canon before to fires. The main goal of the game is to get Maxwell to the goal. There are 8 Themes to the game with each including 12 Levels for an exact total of 96 Stages.

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