Penguin Crayfish Dive is a 3D-Swimming Game for the Gaming Maple's TDD Downlad Games, called DataDriveGames, by Vermont Gameware. It is one of the earliest DataDriveGames, along with Maxwell Pinball Puzzle and Hoop Tossing costing 10 Drive Points ($1). It uses stop-framed pics of penguin, octopus, and crayfish pool-toys and pool torpedos, all being hold by a child's hand, along with Kid-made sounds to make it feel like a watertoy-game a kid would make up.


Players control the penguin around a pool area trying to find a crayfish and return it to the ladder to win while trying not to get caught by the octopus. If the player is caught, they must press A and Z repeately to break free. They have 10 seconds to do this or else they drown and lose a life, and when they break free the amount of seconds they had left will be the ammount of the next time they get caught. After every 3 levels a fight agaisnt the octopus is held, which also introduces to new game rules for later stages, where the penguin must use the new game rule to defeat the octopus.

The Game Rule changes are:

Levels 1-3: If caught by the octopus with a crayfish, the crayfish is dropped

Levels 4-6: The octopus can now take the crayfish,even if the player is holding it, and bumping it while it has the crayfish will knock it out and then the player can bumb it again to stun it and take the crayfish.

Levels 7-9: A missle can be collected by either the penguin of the octopus, but they can only hold one thing at a time and can swap if bumped. The Missle can stun both the player and octopus if shot at either.

Levels 10-12: Now there are three missles instead of one. And now only two items can be hold at a time.

Final Boss: There are no new items for the final fight, but now up to three items can be hold.

After each boss fight (with exception of the final one) the player does to a bonus game! These games have the player play a game with similar game machanics of Dragon's Lair where the player is following a crayfish and must press the button that appears on screen to follow it, doing it three times catches it, and if the player misses one they lose that fish. There are three fish per bonus round and a extra life is earned for every fish caught. (The gameplay of these bonus rounds are used for some parts of the final boss.)


After game completetion, a Multiplayer mode is unlocked. One player controls the penguin while the other controls the octopus in a best 3 out of 5 match.

What is usedEdit

  • Regular Controller- Up to 2

Sequel and Remake?Edit

A sequel is being planned on in the future for the DataDriveGames service and a remake for the Tiny Syrup. Less is known about this sequel and remake for now.

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